7 Things That Will Make You Fearless Immediately Like Dixie

Dixie yelled, “Stop!” at the fleeing man as she ran down the alley after him. Consequently he had just robbed a liquor store, and left the owner on the floor bleeding from his head from a cut made by a bottle of Chardonnay.

“Stop!” she yelled again. This guy is fast she thought as she barely missed running into a trash can. Why must they always run?

She could hear her father now, “you’re the one who wanted to be a cop.” Though he gave her a hard time she knew that he was secretly proud of her. At this point all the women in the family are nurses she is the only cop .

Dixie grew up in a small rural town where her mother Anne was the head nurse at Cedar Memorial Hospital. Presently both of her older sisters Jane and Sue were nurses there also.

7 things will make fearless immediately like dixie

So it was assumed that when Dixie became of age she would be a nurse also. But Dixie was a daddy’s girl and was fascinated with being a cop. In fact for Christmas she didn’t want dolls she wanted a badge and a gun.

Dixie was very competitive growing up she would always challenge the boys. Meanwhile the other girls would pick at her telling her she should have been born a boy. Dixie didn’t care she knew they were jealous, because she was tougher than most of the boys.

Female Police Officers

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Dixie Tells Her Mother She Wants To Be A Cop

Her mother cried the day she told her she wanted to be a cop. However she told her no woman in the family has ever been a cop that they have all been nurses. Dixie said, “Mom I would never be happy as a nurse and I would only quit. I want to be a cop and that is what I’ve always wanted to be.”

Afterward her father asked her was she sure and just because he was a Lieutenant there they would not go easy on her. In fact they will try to wash you out at the academy, because we have never had a female cop before.

Regrettably Dixie knew that most of the men did not approve of her wanting to be a cop, but she was determined to be a cop she didn’t care what they thought.

7 things will make fearless immediately like dixie

Suddenly, they were coming out of the alley he ran across the street and darted into an old abandoned building. She drew her gun as she entered. Immediately she knew now that she had to be on the offensive. Then she stopped long enough to let her eyes adjust to the dimly lit building.

Now it was to quiet she knew he was hiding and she had to be extra cautious. Above all she could not let him get her gun. Furthermore if he got her gun she knew she could never live it down. In fact the guys at the station if she didn’t get killed in the process would berate her to no end.

Dixie yelled out, “Come on man give it up enough already. Presently the owner of the liquor store isn’t that badly injured and you’re not going to be able to spend the money. Moreover don’t make it harder than it has to be give yourself up.”

Strangely enough there was no reply just silence. Also as she inched her way deeper inside the building she was wondering where was her partner she could use him right now.

Bob was a ten year veteran on the force and wasn’t too happy being partnered with a rookie and he made sure she knew it every chance he got. Ultimately he was always slow coming to her aide but today she needed him to be better.

She saw a rat scurrying to her right. Yuk, she hated rats. Of course she was starting to get mad now she wanted out of this old building with its tenants of rats. Unfortunately the spider was plastered all over her face she didn’t see it until it was too late. “Oh disgusting,” she grunted as she pulled web off her face.


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Dixie Tackled By Unknown Man

At this point right now she wanted this to end. Nearby she saw movement to her left but was not fast enough to stop the man from tackling her. As a result the gun flew out of her hand across the room as they fell to the floor.

7 things will make fearless immediately like dixie

The man landed a right to her head, but little did he know that Dixie was used to taking a punch. In fact during academy training she was being punched by men and now every Tuesday and Thursday she gets punched by her Krav Maga instructor. Ironically he had just messed up.

Dixie sprang to her feet as she rolled him off her. In Krav Maga Dixie had been instructed to not let up on an attacker until subdued. Incidentally as the man lunged at her throwing another right Dixie blocked it easily and began to release a barrage of punches to his face. She grabbed him by the back of the head and began to knee him repeatedly in his groin and stomach. Simultaneously she released a vicious elbow to the man’s jaw and he dropped to the floor out cold.

Dixie rolled the unconscious man over on his stomach and handcuffed his arms behind him. Afterwards she walked over and picked up her gun and put it back in her holster. However just then she realized she had had an audience.

Actually Bob had arrived just as the fight ensued. Dixie said sarcastically to him, “Thanks for the assist Bob.” Likewise Bob shot back, “He was just a little fellow and couldn’t fight. If he had been bigger and could fight you might not have been able to retrieve your weapon.” “Whatever”, she said. But in the back of Bob’s mind he was impressed with what he saw yet he would never let her know it.

To be sure Bob did not like the idea of a female being on the force. In the same way he was old fashioned he felt a woman should be at home with the kids not trying to do a man’s job. Thus he didn’t care how good she was he just didn’t like it.

Dixie booked the man and finished up her paper work. It was now the end of her shift. As she was coming from the locker room to leave she felt the other officers eyes upon her. What are they staring at she thought. Nevertheless she did not know that Bob had told the guys what he had seen. In other words the men now had a new found respect for Dixie.

7 Things That Will Make You Fearless Immediately Like Dixie

7 things will make fearless immediately like dixie

1) Dixie knew at an early age what see wanted out of life. Hence knowing what you want inspires confidence and reduces anxiety. Incidentally the most cause of every day stress is not knowing what up ahead.

In other words find out what you want, know where you are going, and develop a plan to get there.

2) Dixie would not let other people’s opinions define her.
Ironically too many people go through life caring about what others think. By and large it stops them from living an amazing life.

Thus realize that someone’s opinion of you cannot hinder your life unless you let it. As a matter of fact you are in control take charge of your mental health.

3) Dixie was determined not to let anything or anyone stop her from getting what she wanted. Unfortunately too many people go through life crippled with fear. Subsequently at the first sign of an obstacle they go into crisis mode and collapse.

Always remember that fear is an illusion it is not real. Therefore you must be bold, desire what you want with shameless passion, and with awe-inspiring courage don’t stop until you get what you want.

7 things will make fearless immediately like dixie

4) Dixie remained focused on her goal.
Arguably focus can be easily lost when one’s emotions are wrecking havoc. Learn to block out the noise of a looming catastrophe. Moreover nine times out of ten the thing we become frantic over never comes to pass.

5) Even when Dixie found herself in a situation that was not ideal she forged ahead. Actually life will always throw something at you which is not ideal.

In any case how you react at that moment will mean the difference between sensational victory or devastating worry. Meanwhile if you prepare yourself for those obstacles or bumps in the road you can come out the other side in spectacular triumph.

7 things will make fearless immediately like dixie

6) Dixie would not let family tradition dictate her life. Strangely enough people are in marriages with people they don’t love or in a career that they hate due to family tradition. Don’t get me wrong some family traditions can be good yet it should never impede upon one’s happiness.

Ultimately the choice is always yours. Otherwise you can make your family happy while you annihilate your own happiness. In the end it’s your life and no one has the right to tell you how to live it.

7) Dixie had confidence in her abilities.
Be that as it may very few people truly have confidence in what they do. To be sure ask someone to rate themselves and they will hesitate and give themselves marks far below than what they are capable of.

The tendency is not to appear super-human. Yet we should delight in our abilities if there good. Dare to be remarkable.

In conclusion we can learn a lot from Dixie’s life. She was a determined, focused and confident young woman. Finally live with courage, audacity, passion, and above all else unbridled determination.


Hi my name is Eric Huntley I’m a blogger, author, teacher and a big comic and bodybuilding fan.


Hi my name is Eric Huntley I'm a blogger, author, teacher and a big comic and bodybuilding fan.